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Doesn't synch with website

This app does not synch saved webcams with the website as promised. And trying to logout and log back in doesn't work either. This app is not worth the money. Don't waste you time.

Not working as advertised!

So many problems in this app its hard to begin to describe the bugs. Edit is not Edit - it is Delete. You can't Edit the Names on the iPhone locally. Maybe it works on the Google Account Login. However, if don't have a Google Account - too bad - can't get out of those screens - no way to Cancel - must restart the iPhone. Can't reorder the Cams on the iPhone. And DON'T Select a Cam - once in full screen - there is no way back - reset required! His Mac Widget is buggy too! No editing - no updates - refresh button does not work in the combined mode. So sad - very needed app. His Thesaurus app is great. Bottom Line - Don't buy - want my money back - does not work as advertised.


I was able to enter all of the local traffic cameras that cover my daily commute. Love the slideshow feature, I can quickly flip through all of my stored traffic cams. I tried a number of other webcam apps and most of them didn't have the ability to enter your own traffic cams URLs.

Very poor support....can't get it to work


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